Congratulations to the one and only Cockletrain, Cameron Roach, who snared his 150th and 151st wickets for WCC in senior cricket a couple of Saturdays ago in the B Grade.
First joining the Echidnas in 2013/14 after moving up to Mt Barker from the Riverland as a fresh faced 12 year old*, Roachy has been a regular and reliable contributor for the club ever since.
His best season with the ball undoubtably came in the 2016/17 season in the B’s where he snared 30 wickets at 14.43 to finish as the second leading B Grade wicket taker in the entire Association and he could have ended up with more if he had been more careful patrolling the boundary in a January clash at Ashbourne where he ran/slid/tumbled into a barbed wire boundary fence early in Ashbourne’s innings, requiring a trip to hospital and 9 stitches such that he was unable to bowl in that match. And for those of you wondering, yes it was as a result of that very incident that we now have boundary cones 5 metres inside from any boundary fence at all grounds in our Association.
Roachy is also closing in on the 150 Senior Matches milestone for Wistow which he should hopefully bring up some time early next season.
All aboard the Cockletrain!
*Not his actual age at the time