The Blight Perpetual Trophy – Club Person of the Year

The following is a proud list of those individuals who, since the 1990/91 season, have made a significant contribution to the Wistow Cricket Club in any given season such that they have been honoured with The Blight Perpetual Trophy as Club Person of the Year. To these individuals both past and present we thank you for your valuable contributions to the Wistow Cricket Club.

1990/91Ken J. Nettle  
1991/92Ken J. Nettle (2)  
1992/93Robin S. “Pud” Crompton  
1993/94Ken J. Nettle (3)  
1994/95Brian F. † & Ian F. Blight  
1995/96Damien J. “Moose” Nettle  
1996/97Dale N. Liebelt  
1997/98Dean Mortimer  
1998/99M.J. “Pickle” Paech  
1999/00Andrew Muller  
2000/01Greer Hein  
2001/02Matthew L. Hutchinson  
2002/03Andrew Muller (2)  
2003/04M.J. “Pickle” Paech (2)  
2004/05L. & B. Marston  
2005/06Graham E. Heinrich  
2006/07Rob Bentley †  
2007/08Luke Crompton  
2008/09Liam T. Bentley  
2009/10M.J. “Pickle” Paech (3)  
2010/11Wayne Paterson †  
2011/12M.J. “Pickle” Paech (4)  
2012/13Jason Elsworthy  
2013/14David “DK” Kinlough  
2014/15Steven “Sticko” Nettle  
2015/16Hayden Bolto  
2016/17Brendan “Barb” Nettle  
2017/18M.J. “Pickle” Paech (5)  
2018/19Hayden Bolto (2)  
2019/20Brayden J. Leckie  
2020/21Anita Burgess  
2021/22M.J. “Pickle” Paech (6)