Monthly archives: September 2023

Current Player Profile/Interview – Max Chapman

Today’s current player profile focuses on a player from a well-known WCC family, Max Chapman.   The son of former B Grade Premiership Player and the proprietor of long-time club sponsor, Great Eastern Hotel Littlehampton, Mark “Bruno” Chapman; Max is one of at least six Chapmans to have played seniors for the Echidnas in the […]

Current Player Profile/Interview – Jason Rehn

Today’s current player profile focuses on Jason Rehn.   Jase’s cricketing journey is well traveled, with stints at Macclesfield Redbacks Cricket Club, Bremer Callington Cricket Club Incorporated and Mount Barker Cricket Club, as well as in the Murraytowns and Hills leagues, but he eventually saw the light and joined the mighty Echidnas in 2021/22.   […]

Current Player Profile/Interview – Ryan J. Watt

Today’s current player profile focuses on regular A2’s player, Ryan Watt. Since debuting in the 2015/16 season, Ryan has played about 70 matches for the club, scoring over 450 runs with two 50s and taking 51 wickets.   Go well Ryno!